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The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program is for eligible OPPA members who are currently in receipt of benefits, including OPP Commissioned Officers’ Association (COA) members and OPP Retirees, with a comprehensive and integrated network for mental health wellness care.

Privacy Disclaimer

We welcome you to contact our Encompas Care Managers through this form with any questions or requests you may have. By using this contact form, you acknowledge that your information is emailed to an Encompas care manager for follow up. Email is not a secure form of communication. Your information is not retained on the website. If you would prefer to speak with a care manager, please call 1-866-794-9117.

Please Note: To help protect your privacy, if an Encompas Care Manager follows up by phone, our phone number will display as a Private Number.


We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions and concerns of the program, so we can proactively evolve the program into an optimal mental health support service.

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