Charmed Horse Assisted Wellness Centre

We offer Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), which is an alternative modality of experiential therapy, and unlike traditional methods.  Our wellness treatment team consists of a registered Psychologist, a horse specialist, and some horses in each session.  There is no previous horse knowledge required, and no horse riding involved, as it all takes place on the ground. Horses use their instinctual ability to read body language and emotions around them, as they would in the wild.  The horses may become metaphors and symbols of one’s life story, and react to the energy around them giving the client the opportunity to come to their own solutions, while practicing new coping skills in a safe place without judgement.

Horses have the ability to help lower stress hormones and help to put a smile on one’s face and in one’s heart.  Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy aids in the healing and development of new coping skills for many mental health struggles, such as, but not limited to: PTSD, PTSI, CPTSD, OSI, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD, substance addictions, eating disorders, divorce, bereavement, stuck in life, low self esteem, as well as for those wanting to experience self-discovery, spiritual growth, and a stronger connection with their family. This type of therapy is not suited for clients diagnosed with psychosis.

We are located between Kingston and Napanee, just 20 minutes north of the Camden East/Millhaven Highway 401 exit.  Our programs and sessions are in person, and are customized to each individual, family or group, maximizing the benefit to the client(s). No referral is necessary.  Make an appointment soon to come out to the farm, as we have some horses waiting to meet you!!

If you’re interested in attending Charmed Horse Assisted Wellness Centre, please reach out to Encompas.

Call us at 1-866-794-9117 or send us an email and an Encompas Care Manager can provide support.