Encompas Member Portals

OPPA members and family members in receipt of benefits through the OPPA are eligible to access the Member Portals for mental wellness assessments and specially curated self-guided mental health and wellness resources.

Encompas offers two Member Portal experiences to suit your needs – the Care Manager-Supported Portal and the Self-Directed Portal.

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What is a Care Manager?

Member Portal FAQs

The Portals are proactive online wellness tools designed for First Responder  professionals and their family members.  The wellness tools enable one to assess, track, and monitor their mental health and wellbeing at all stages in their career from newly recruited through to retirement as well as through varied personal and family stages. Being more aware of your mental health and wellbeing supports you to act early on.  There are two portal options: the Care Manager Supported Portal and the Self-Directed Portal.

Each Portal is secure and features resources that can be beneficial at all stages in your career and your personal and family life.  The Portals include

  • a selection of clinical self-assessment tools
  • a library of uniquely curated mental health and wellness resources for First Responders and other trauma-exposed professionals
  • a personalized dashboard to track and monitor your mental health wellness journey
The Care Manager Supported Portal offers the service and support of our Care Management Team 24/7/365 to accompany you on your confidential wellness journey, while the Self-Directed Portal offers totally independent and confidential access to program resources, not accessible to or monitored by the Care Management team.

If you want to participate in the Encompas Program, you have the option to use either version, or choose to opt out of the portal experience.

You can access the Self-Directed Portal without registering with the Encompas Program.

To sign-up for the Care Manager Supported Portal, your Care Manager will send an invitation. You will be prompted to complete a preliminary self-assessment with 5 simple questions which capture the impact of your mental health challenges on your ability to function in terms of work, home management, social leisure, private leisure and personal or family relationships. This will help your Care Manager ascertain which resources to recommend. On an ongoing basis, your therapist and the Care Management Team will be able to help make recommendations on appropriate self-assessments and will be able to see your results in order to help you navigate your wellness journey. There is also the option within the Care Manager Supported Portal to securely share and store documents between you and your Encompas Care Manager.

With the Self-Directed Portal, you sign-up and access resources independently. The system makes recommendations for specialized resources tailored to your needs based on the results of self-assessment tools that measure mood, wellbeing, and functioning.

Results also display on a personalized dashboard, empowering you to track and monitor your wellness over time. If at any time you wish to connect with an Encompas Care Manager or decide you want to speak with a therapist, the contact information is available right on the Portal.

A Care Manager is a professional whose role it is to provide confidential, concierge, wrap-around access, support, and navigation to mental health wellness resources to eligible members of the Encompas Program. Dalton Associates is the third-party mental health organization which powers the Encompas Program, and maintains a team of Care Managers who have specialized training, experience and skill to support and guide you through your health and wellness journey.

The Encompas Care Management team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year via telephone or email. They can also invite you to the Care Manager Supported Portal and guide you through the available resources there. You can speak with one of our Care Managers by calling:  1 866 794-9117 or emailing them at: info@encompascare.ca.

Both Encompas Portals include access to evidence-based, validated mental health self-assessments – though the Care Manager Supported Portal includes many more assessments which can be made available to you with the assistance of your Care Manager if you are registered with the Encompas Program.

If registered with the Encompas program and accessing the Care Manager Supported Portal, your Care Manager can recommend self-assessments applicable to you and your situation; however, you will automatically be prompted to complete The Work and Social Adjustment Scale (WSAS) – a simple five (5) question scale that captures the impact of a your mental health difficulties on your ability to function in terms of work, home management, social leisure, private leisure and personal or family relationships.

Should you choose to do so, the results of your self-assessments can be shared with your treating clinicians or primary care providers to guide treatment planning or evaluate the progress of your existing treatment over time.

If utilizing the Self-Directed Portal, your results will display on a personalized, confidential dashboard consisting of three validated measures capturing changes to mood, wellbeing, and functioning.  This can help you monitor your mental wellness over time. The Portal will recommend helpful resources within the portal for your wellness journey, based on the results of your self-assessments.

If at any point you decide you want to speak to an Encompas Care Manager or connect with a therapist, it is easy to do so right from the portal.

The new Self-Directed Portal is an upgrade to the prior experience of independent Portal registration. Previously, you were able to sign-up independently and confidentially for the Members Portal by using a non-identifiable email. Now, the newly created Self-Directed Portal provides a truly self-directed and confidential online experience – completely separate from our Care Manager Supported Portal and the independent account you may have previously registered for.

The upgraded Self-Directed Portal enhances and replaces our original independent registration option. Existing account holders who prefer to continue accessing the original site are welcome to do so [For more information see: FAQ# 6  I previously registered independently for an account through the Encompas Member Portal rather than through a Care Manager, can I still access this site and my information?)

In the new Self-Directed Portal, your information cannot be accessed, used or kept by Encompas program staff in any way.

It also offers exiting new features:

  • Your confidential dashboard displays results from our newly enhanced selection of self-assessments measuring mood, functioning and well-being.
  • Assessments track changes in your mental wellness over time AND NOW generate personalized recommendations from our Tools and Resources library.

Our Encompas Care Management team is only a call away if you decide you want a supported Portal experience or to connect with any mental health services. For more information regarding the difference between the two portals refer to: FAQ #2:  What is the difference between the Care Manager Supported Portal and the Self-Directed Portal or access the Care Manager Supported portal here: https://encompascare.portal.gs/. Or, call and confidentially speak with an Encompas Care Manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Yes, you can still access your original account, if you have book-marked the site – now the Care Manager Supported Portal, located here: https://encompascare.portal.gs/. You can continue to complete the WSAS self-assessments and access all of the resources as well as previously completed assessment results. Or, you are welcome to create a new account on the new completely separate Self-Directed Portal.  Should you choose, you have access to both Portals, at any time.

The new Self-Directed Portal was built as an upgrade as it is completely separate and confidential and has enhanced features. Because it is completely separate and secure, it is not possible to bring over previous assessments results from your original account to the new site.  Click here to access the new Self-Directed Portal: https://encompas.grnspace.co/.

The resources on the Encompas Portals have been curated for Members of the OPPA and their family, inclusive of any individual who is a member of the Ontario Provincial Police Association or Commissioned Officers Association or retiree, who is in receipt of insured benefits through Canada Life.

The Encompas Portals are powered by Greenspace Health. Greenspace is a trusted service provider for many large hospitals, health authorities, and clinics across Canada. They have completed numerous privacy and security reviews and have never failed to successfully pass a review.

Greenspace Health is compliant with all Canadian federal and provincial privacy legislation and Greenspace has implemented significant measures which exceed industry standards and best practices in order to safeguard users’ personal health information. Greenspace also has implemented many additional precautions to protect privacy including: requiring strong passwords, automatic logouts, automatic access logging, secured data backups, two factor authentication and restrictive data access procedures. All data and information is stored in Canada.

The Greenspace system also conforms to digital and physical security protocols (including PHIPA), with SSL-secured access, AES encryption at the file-system level, and firewalls protecting all data.  As part of Greenspace’s commitment to ensure best-in-class privacy and security standards, Greenspace has completed a SOC 2 Type II review by an independent AICPA auditing firm that has examined its control objectives and activities, and tested its controls to ensure operational excellence.

The Greenspace database runs in a private subnet (hidden from the outside internet) and access is restricted to Greenspace. Database traffic is encrypted both in transit and at rest using modern technology standards.

Greenspace Health, the organization which powers both the Care Manager Supported Portal and the Self-Directed Portal, stores all data and information in Canada with a secure cloud storage provider called Aptible.

Aptible is an industry leader in securely managing and storing confidential and highly sensitive healthcare information and they have been tested and passed audits by Kaiser Permanente, MD Anderson, UnitedHealth Group, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and many others. In addition, Aptible is certified for compliance with ISO 27001, SOC 2, and HITRUST CSF.

In short, for the Care Manager Supported Portal – no. For the Self-Directed Portal – yes, but you will need to choose a name and email address that are not identifiable.

The Care Manager Supported Portal cannot be used anonymously, as you will need to share your information with the Care Manager in order to register for the Program.

Given that the Self-Directed Portal is designed to track your results over time, you must create an account and provide a name and email address. However, you can choose the name and email you wish to use – if you’d like to remain completely anonymous, we recommend using a name and email address that is not identifiable.

For both Portals, your information will remain confidential in accordance with the type of registration: in other words, with the Care Manager Supported Portal, those in your Encompas Care Team will have access to your results. None of a users’ personal health information will be shared with anyone outside the Care Management Team without your consent – including the Association, employers, colleagues or therapists.

For more information about how and where your information is stored on the Portal, please refer to the following FAQs:

#8. What is the security for the two Encompas Portals

#9. Where is my information stored?

#11. What information is stored on the Encompas Portal?

Each Encompas Portal stores the name and email address under which the account was created and the results of your self-assessments.

In addition, the Care Manager Supported Portal stores the name of your Encompas Care Manager (if working with a Care Manager), and some additional narrative information regarding your plan of care if a plan of care has been created and stored on the Portal.

If you have chosen the Care Manager Supported Portal, only you and the Encompas Care Management Team would have access to your information, as well as the Encompas Clinical Leadership team on an as-needed basis. You will always be informed by your Care Manager if a clinical consultation with the Clinical Leadership Team is recommended, and you have the right to decline at any time.

The Self-Directed Portal offers totally independent access to a standalone confidential Member Portal. With the Self-Directed Portal, your information cannot be accessed, used, or kept by Encompas program staff. Should you require any assistance from Greenspace to troubleshoot technical issues, website administration can do so without access to your personal information. 

With both the Care Manager Supported Portal and the Self-Directed Portal, Greenspace website administrators will only have access to your personal information for only so long as to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected and for such periods of time as may be required to comply with applicable law. Greenspace operates under the principle of least privilege, meaning that only employees who require access to information for the purpose of completing their role’s function are granted access. As an illustration of this in practice, this means that Greenspace’s customer support would be able to access a user’s information if the user specifically requested assistance with their account from Greenspace’s customer support team. Note: you are able to create your account with a non-identifying name and email address.

A “privacy breach” occurs where information is stolen, lost, collected, used or disclosed in contravention of our Privacy Policy.

The Encompas program has privacy breach protocols that are specifically designed to ensure the lowest risk possible and to effectively, and efficiently contain, manage, report on, and remediate the situation if a breach were to occur.

In the event of a breach, we will take immediate steps to contain the breach, and you will be notified at the first reasonable opportunity after we become aware of a breach of your confidential information. We will investigate the cause of the breach and the nature of the information that was breached, and will, if necessary, modify our policies and procedures to address any changes that should be made.

Additional information about Encompas’ privacy breach protocols is contained in the Encompas Privacy Policy.

In the event of a breach of your personal information, you have the right to file a complaint with the Information Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC), by visiting their website: www.ipc.on.ca, or contacting them via telephone at: 1-800-387-0073.

For both the Care Manager Supported Portal and the Self-Directed Portal, your information is retained by Greenspace in accordance with their records retention policy, which means that Greenspace will store your personal information for only so long as is necessary to fulfill its original purpose. At any point, for any reason, you are entitled to delete your account. Once the request is received, Greenspace ensures that all electronic and hard copies of your information are securely destroyed and irreversibly deleted from Greenspace’s live systems within 7 days.

In addition, for the Care Manager Supported Portal, your information is kept for the duration of your involvement with Encompas, and for a period of 10 years after either the date of your last contact or your 18th birthday, whichever comes later. This period of time is required by our regulating college. Destruction of paper files and electronic information is performed in accordance with PHIPA guidelines.

Yes. Please visit the Encompas Portal Privacy Policy page to view the privacy policy for the Encompas Portal. The complete Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program privacy policy can be viewed on the Encompas Privacy Policy page.