Encompas Member Portal Concierge Pathway

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Our 24/7/365 team of Care Managers are here for you anytime.  They will help you register for the program, sign you up for a Member Portal account, and assist you in navigating the features and resources relevant to you.  This state-of-the-art fully customized confidential Portal was designed for eligible Encompas members and the members of their family who are covered under their extended health benefits plan.   This is a safe and secure place to share documents with your Care Manager, view your Plan of Care and complete evidence-based assessments that are visible to your Care Manager and can be shared with your treating clinician or primary care provider should you choose.   Also included is access to a library of uniquely curated evidence-informed mental health and wellness resources:  Self-Directed Courses, Self-Care Tools, Vlogs and Podcasts, Articles and Posts and Youth and Family resources.

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