Our Mindset Matters Webinar Series for June featured Retired Edmonton Police Officer Dan Jones – Dan’s Journey through Trauma, Wellness, and Retirement Click here to watch the video recording of the session.
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Uniform and Civilian members of law enforcement are consistently exposed to traumatic events in the performance of their duties. Many of our members, both active and retired, and their families suffer everyday in the name of keeping our province safe. This new program allows us to take meaningful steps in addressing the mental health and wellness of our members.

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Featured Mental Health Article 

Have You Tried Unplugging It?

By Dr. Jody Carrington

Dr. Jody Carrington’s latest blog post dives into this transformative idea: “When a human body is malfunctioning (exhausted, stressed, or just friggin’ stuck) all it often needs is a reset. Just unplug the body, wait a bit, and when you plug it back in, it usually goes back to functioning properly.” Hitting the “unplug” button – through mindfulness, meditation, and more – can work wonders for your overall well-being.

Dr. Jody will soon be offering an online, self-directed mental health course designed for First Responders and their families called Hello Heroes: VIP Course. This course will be available on the Encompas portal – stay tuned for more information about the release of this course!

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