Mental Health Awareness and Communication Series

Strategies for Navigating Unique Parenting Challenges in First Responders Families

September 28th, 2022 – 1000 – 1100 ET

Featuring Karen Skinulus, Registered Psychotherapist

About the Speaker:

Karen Skinulis is a Registered Psychotherapist and specializes in working with parents, families, adolescents and individuals on a range of issues including: parenting (all developmental stages), child behavior, self-esteem, communication, anxiety/depression, divorce/separation/co-parenting, school-related concerns, and teen issues. Karen has co-authored several parenting and teacher books and appeared as a guest parenting expert for a variety of popular news media – the Globe and Mail, CBC, Global TV, and City Life magazine.

About the Session:

Please join us on Wednesday September 28th from 10am – 11am for a conversation with Karen Skinulis on Strategies for Navigating Unique Parenting Challenges in First Responders Families. The First Responder’s job brings special challenges to both parents and their children. Shift-work, overtime and last minute scheduling changes can leave you feeling like you aren’t providing the continuity and predictability your child needs. It may also be hard to transition from a stressful shift to family time. Your child/teen may feel anxious about the risks inherent in your work. They may not understand why you need time to unwind after a shift or have trouble being present. This talk will explore ways we can effectively cope with these challenges (and others) by focusing on both the child’s and parent’s perspective. First, to address our children’s worries by listening and responding with empathy and information, and secondly to help ourselves set reasonable and realistic parenting goals. A focus on communication and problem-solving skills will give you the tools you need to better meet these challenges.

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