Did you know that, similar to the US, 1 in 10 Canadians talked with a healthcare professional about their alcohol use in the past year?  Yet for the most part, medical professionals have under-communicated the harms associated with everyone’s favorite socially accepted substance of choice.

But the latest scientific evidence has revealed a new sobering truth: alcohol is worse than we thought. The just released guidelines state that to remain within the low-risk range of consumption, people should drink a maximum of two drinks each week. Much lower than the 2012 guidelines which considered low-risk drinking to be under 15 drinks a week for men, and under 10 drinks a week, for women. But these new guidelines are based on scientific evidence that can’t be ignored.

ALAViDA’s clinical director, Dr. Terri-Lynn Mackay, reviews the guidelines and what they mean from a health perspective. Read The sobering truth behind Canada’s new “low-risk drinking guidelines” to learn more.