The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program has collaborated with Boots on the Ground to provide Encompas members with a streamlined pathway to confidential and anonymous telephonic, First Responder specific Peer Support. Boots on the Ground is a non-profit organization with 160 volunteer active and retired First Responders. These volunteers provide anonymous, confidential, caring, and compassionate peer support to other active and retired First Responders including Police, Fire, EMS and Corrections employees. This Peer support is available across Ontario at no charge and can be accessed 24/7.

Get Started with Boots on the Ground

  • Call into Encompas (1-866-794-9117) and speak with a Care Manager or email Encompas 

  • They will transfer you to anonymous telephonic peer support with Boots on the Ground if it’s a good support option for you

  • To protect your confidentiality, they will not introduce you by name

  • You also have the option of calling Boots on the Ground directly (1-833-677-2668). Note: They do not use call display to protect your confidentiality