Encompas provides direct access to psychological and psychiatric assessments which are conducted in an accessible and client-focused manner. A mental health assessment can provide clinicians and clients alike with a stronger understanding of behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. This allows for development of a treatment plan customized to individual needs.

Our team of Registered Psychologists, Psychological Associates, and Psychiatrists can provide a variety of different assessments, including, though not limited to: 

A mental health diagnosis can involve both clinical and functional evaluations to determine an individual’s current mental health status. This is an important step toward treatment as a diagnosis can determine appropriate options best suited for an individual. This type of comprehensive assessment is completed by a Registered Psychologist and can require 2-8 hours to generate a full diagnostic report and treatment recommendations. 

A Psychiatrist will complete this assessment and interpret the results from a lab to help determine the most appropriate medication for an individual. The test examines specific genes and can determine whether a certain medication could be effective, which dosage might be most appropriate, and/or predict whether an individual may have any side effects from a potential medication.

The Residential Treatment Screening Assessment is used to determine (1) if an individual is a candidate for residential care, (2) what residential program may be of best benefit to the client’s mental health and wellness, specific to their personal goals, and (3) alternate and/or additional treatment recommendations. This screening is conducted by a Registered Psychologist or Registered Psychological Associate.

These types of assessments are for dependents under the age of 18 and can aid in the identification and treatment of learning problems as well as behavioural, social, and emotional issues in children and youth.  The assessments are   conducted by a Registered Psychologist or Psychological Associate, and involve a structured clinical interview, various psychometric tests, and a review of the person’s history.  Once complete, the results are analyzed, and a comprehensive report is prepared with diagnosis and recommendations.

A cognitive assessment can be beneficial to inform treatment plans and help evaluate important areas of brain function including memory, concentration, processing speed, language, and reasoning capabilities. This type of test can be used to identify strengths and needs related to cognitive functioning.

These assessments are used to identify an individual’s strengths and needs within different developmental domains such as language and communication, socializations and emotional functioning, cognitive functioning, adaptive living, and motor skills.

Assessments can range in length from 30 minutes to several hours, depending on their purpose and type. All assessments include an interview between the clinician and the client, while some may also include psychometric testing. In all cases, an assessment provides the client with a report that can be used to guide the next steps towards mental wellness.