At Encompas, we understand that seeking residential support is not feasible or appropriate for everyone who is struggling with significant trauma, substance use/abuse challenges, behavioral addiction, or a mood disorder that is affecting their ability to thrive at work and/or at home. As an alternative to inpatient care for those struggling with more mild to moderate mental health challenges, and/or for clients transitioning from residential treatment back to their home and/or work environment, the Encompas program offers streamlined access to outpatient programs through our preferred provider network.

Substance use disorders are a common mental health challenge that affect people from all walks of life. That said, sometimes treatment options are inaccessible – such as a long-term residential program, or frequent in-person groups or individual sessions. Fortunately, virtual treatment can allow people to overcome these barriers to recovery. ALAViDA, Canada’s first virtual substance use management care provider, is a science-based solution that delivers an immersive experience developed by medical professionals with a comprehensive background on substance use disorders and delivered by technology. ALAViDA’s mission is to improve the treatment of substance use disorders by educating broadly to reduce the stigma and bringing the same scientific approach that has existed in other areas of the medical community for decades.

To learn more about ALAViDA, speak to an Encompas Care Manager at 1-866-794-9117 or visit

EHN Canada is a nationwide network of industry-leading treatment centres with over 100 years of collective experience in addiction, trauma, and mental health. In addition to residential (inpatient) treatment programs, such as those at Bellwood (Toronto) and Gateway (Peterborough), they have also launched their Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOPs) designed specifically for individuals who may require more support than individual counselling, and want the immersion of inpatient treatment without leaving behind work and family commitments.

EHN Canada’s IOPs are offered both virtually through a secure platform EHN Online (Powered by Wagon) and in-person at a clinic location (where available). Programs are available for the treatment of substance use disorder, depression and anxiety, and workplace trauma. Treatment is led by registered mental health professionals with specialized training in delivering effective online therapy. Evidence-based therapeutic methods across all IOPs include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

Intensive Outpatient Programs consist of eight (8) weeks of intensive programming, with nine (9) hours of individual and group therapy per week, followed by 10 months of aftercare to maintain healthy habits. This comprehensive year-long outpatient plan is also complemented by family workshops to allow loved ones the opportunity to learn and heal as well.

With 135-years of experience, Homewood Health is Canada’s leader in the treatment of depression, anxiety and trauma, including PTSD and addiction. The Homewood Clinics provide immediate access to private, physician-supported outpatient treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety, addiction and co-occurring conditions. The clinics provide care including individual assessments, hourly therapy, group-based intensive outpatient  treatment and aftercare programs where the clinics will tailor individual treatment plans

Currently being delivered virtually, Homewood offers a program called Specialized Treatment for Trauma and PTSD. This is an IOP that is group-based and focuses on stabilization, integration, aftercare and post-traumatic growth. The program length varies between 8-12 weeks based on an initial assessment, however, clients will commit to participate 5 days a week for 6 hours per day. In addition to the group therapy, 1:1 counselling is also offered during the week. One year of aftercare provides a continuation of care that is structured and allows clients to remain connected to their group and therapist supports.

The Trafalgar Outpatient Counselling Centre offers Intensive Outpatient Programs which provide individuals with similar treatment of a residential facility for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders, with the opportunity to continue working and remaining at home if more suitable than an inpatient stay. Currently all IOPs are being offered virtually.

Their program is evidence-based and tailored to each individual’s needs and provides treatment for substance abuse, behavioural addiction issues and concurrent mental health issues, including but not limited to PTSD, depression and anxiety.

Individuals have the option of enrolling in a four (4) or six (6) week program which includes individual therapy, private family counselling, psychological consultation, group therapy, partner support therapy, and drug and alcohol urine screening (if required). In addition, the program provides access to lifelong aftercare which ensures supportive, nonjudgmental continuation of care to manage daily life.