Maintaining good mental health is just as important as keeping physically well. Our mental health involves our thoughts, feelings, actions, interactions with others, and our ability to cope with everyday life. Our mental health is also closely linked to our physical health; often, depression is linked to headaches, anxiety is tied to gastrointestinal issues, and trauma can lead to confusion, fatigue and hyperventilation. Without mental wellness, we cannot be fully healthy people, which impacts our engagement with others and our effectiveness at work.

Encompas, powered by Dalton Associates, strives to provide customized mental health support, psychotherapy and counselling services to ensure you can achieve mental wellbeing and return to normal daily functioning. We have mental health professionals specially trained to work with individuals, couples and families, experiencing a wide range of challenges.

Most notably, clinicians supporting the Encompas program have expertise and experience in supporting the mental health needs of police officers, their families, those engaged in other aspects of law enforcement, and retirees in the field.