Accessibility Policy

Dalton Associates’ staff is committed to excellence in serving all clients, including people with disabilities. We believe that each person is a unique individual, deserving of our respect and being treated with dignity. We support practices; that treat all people fairly, that provide equitable access to our counselling services, embracing the diversity of our community including the individual perspectives of the people served.

The staff at Dalton Associates will make every reasonable effort to provide services that are accessible to persons with disabilities and that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. In the instance where a person with a disability requires the services of the staff at Dalton Associates, we will take reasonable steps to accommodate the person so that the services are in compliance with our established standards, privacy, confidentiality and professionalism. We will strive to ensure that persons with disabilities have an equal opportunity to obtain, use or benefit from Dalton Associates’ services.

With a commitment to service excellence and compliance, we will extend our services in the following areas:

  • Provide services which allow ease of access. Services will accommodate individual requirements for inclusivity.
  • Our staff will be trained in applying communication tools and best practices, in dealing effectively with people with disabilities.
  • Post Dalton Associates’ Accessibility Policy in the main reception area of our office locations, as well as on our websites and employee site.
  • Provide individual assistance for accessibility, when necessary, for in-person services.
  • Allow individuals to use their own assistive device(s) and/ or use assistive devices. These may include but are not limited to technology, phones, wheelchairs, walkers, electronic scooters, canes, etc.
  • Ensure access for support persons and/or service animals.
  • Provide notice of service disruptions, including duration and alternative access. This includes notice by appropriate signage, as well as website alerts or e-mail notifications when necessary.
  • Accommodate requests for alternative formats or methods for communication.
  • Encourage feedback, comments and suggestions through varied means, including in-person, calls, written (email, letter or note), or through our websites.
  • Respond to any questions or complaints efficiently.
  • Provide employee training and ongoing education about the AODA and Customer Service Standard which encourages awareness, sensitivity, and consideration of services to persons with disabilities.
  • Report our status and progress to the Ontario government.

Dalton Associates’ Multi-Year Plan


The purpose of this policy is to outline Dalton Associates’ commitment to ensuring that all of its employees and prospective employees with a disability are treated with respect and dignity consistent with our core values and adhering to the protocols in the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and the Integrated Accessibility Standard adopted as a regulation under AODA. This Multi-Year Accessibility Plan outlines our organization’s strategy to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility and describes our organization’s approach to complying with the applicable legal framework, including those established in human rights and accessibility-related legislation.


Consistent with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA), this policy responds to the requirement for creating a Multi-year Accessibility Plan in order to help Dalton Associates achieve our accessibility goals and maintain our commitment to excellence in service delivery.

Dalton Associates welcomes feedback in relation to the Plan, and will provide the Plan in alternate formats upon request.

Requests for a copy of this Plan should be directed to:

Basel Diogenis Limburg- Human Resources Coordinator



1) Workplace Emergency Response Information

Dalton Associates will implement measures for its employees whom the Organization is aware are unable to follow the standard emergency plan in their clinic work location, as a result of a permanent or temporary disability or injury. If the employee consents, a designated person will be provided with the alternate emergency preparedness plan to assist the person with a disability in the event of an emergency. The alternate emergency preparedness plan(s) will be kept and stored with Human Resources. If you are an employee who requires an alternate plan, please speak with HR to help plan a specific procedure.

2) Accessibility Policy

Dalton Associates has adopted an Integrated Accessibility Policy that affirms we are committed to meeting the accessibility needs of persons with a disability in a timely manner and outlines the manner in which Dalton Associates will achieve accessibility.

3) Training

Dalton Associates will ensure that training is delivered to all staff, management and volunteers and those who provide services on behalf of Dalton Associates, as well as maintain training records for all those participating. Dalton Associates will incorporate accessibility training into its diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

4) Information and Communications

a) Website: Dalton Associates’ websites will conform to the Web Content Accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0) by December 31, 2023. Dalton Associates will, in the redesign of its website and in the development of future websites, ensure that we conform at least to the Web Content Accessibility guidelines (WCAG 2.0). Dalton Associates will ensure that all website content is in compliance and will incorporate the guidelines into all website development and management.

b) Feedback, Accessible Formats and Communication Supports

Dalton Associates will ensure that:

  • Internal processes for receiving and responding to feedback are accessible and available in accessible formats;
  • Upon request, a suitable format will be utilized to provide communication and provide timely responses to any/all inquiries made;
  • In the event that a document is requested in an alternate format and Dalton Associates is unable to meet that request internally, it shall retain a third-party service provider to convert communications and documents to alternate formats, and inform all employees who may receive or respond to feedback with information as to how to obtain alternate formats or communication support providers

5) Employment

Dalton Associates will:

  • Notify all employment applicants and the public that accommodation is available during the recruitment process on request, in all career/job postings
  • This accommodation is extended to the interview process
  • If a prospective employee candidate requests accommodation, we will provide suitable accommodation to meet the requirements needed by the applicant’s disability
  • Successful applicants will be notified of Dalton Associates’ Policies regarding accommodation for employees with disabilities; develop and provide appropriate training to employees and management staff responsible for recruitment.

Dalton Associates will review and modify existing accessibility policies and guidelines as required, and a review of existing policies will be initiated at least once every three years. We will continue to provide necessary training to new employees and provide updates of new policies to existing employees as they occur.