The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program is here to help you navigate to and access the most appropriate mental health support services for your particular mental health challenges. We understand that mental health support services can be difficult to navigate. Our team of Care Managers are experienced listeners and support service navigators. Their role is to take the information that you provide, and determine a customized Plan of Care that can specifically meet your mental healthcare needs. They will work collaboratively with you to develop a Plan of Care that will evolve over time based on your changing needs. 

We respect your right to privacy and confidentiality and are bound by strict confidentiality guidelines.  Information will not be communicated, directly or indirectly, to a third party without your informed and written consent, including your employer or the Ontario Provincial Police Association. 

We do have legal and ethical obligations, which may limit your right to privacy and confidentiality. These obligations include:

  • Informing the Children’s Aid Society if there is a suspicion of a child being at risk or in need of protection due to neglect, or physical, sexual, or emotional abuse;
  • Releasing a client’s file if court ordered to do so;
  • Informing an appropriate family member, health care professional, or police if necessary, of a client’s intention to end his or her own life;
  • Informing a potential victim of violence of a client’s intention to harm;
  • Reporting a regulated health practitioner who has had a sexual relationship with a client; and,
  • Providing access to the clinical records to the College of Psychologists of Ontario when legally required to do so.

At Encompas, we are a competent and diverse community of case managers, mental health professionals, and administrators who come from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds.  We provide a safe and supportive environment for all individuals accessing mental healthcare services.  We lead with compassion, and will ensure you feel supported and respected while establishing your Plan of Care.  We are an inclusive organization and welcome clients requests to align with a mental health professional who has unique professional experiences or competencies, or are specialized in matters you would like to address. 

Dalton Associates is a mental health services organization. It was founded by Dr. Dan Dalton, Registered Psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO), in 1995 with a goal to deliver culturally sensitive, safe, accessible, and timely mental health, behavioural health, and psychological care to individuals across the province of Ontario. Today, Dalton Associates has grown into a specialized mental health service practice with over 200 registered psychologists, mental health professionals, and behavioural health clinicians, in over 75 communities across the province. Dalton Associates has worked with first responders and public safety personnel, including Police Officers, for decades through our counselling and assessment services divisions, supporting them towards sustainable mental wellness at home and at work.

Within the Mental Health Programs and Partnerships Division, Dalton Associates develops partnerships with diverse organizations, businesses, agencies, and communities to develop and deliver customized mental health service programs to a diverse base of clients. All our programs are developed by Dalton Associates’ Clinical Leadership Team, which includes Psychologists and Social Workers, to ensure they are both clinically and administratively sound.

The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program was created in collaboration with the Ontario Provincial Police Association, and Dalton Associates provides third-party delivery and coordination of this specialized program for eligible members.

Encompas was developed in collaboration with Dalton Associates, an independent First Responder’s Advisory Committee, and the Ontario Provincial Police Association to ensure a specialized, comprehensive, and fully customized mental health wellness program for eligible members of the Ontario Provincial Police Association and Commissioned Officers Association.

The goal of Encompas is to deliver a completely confidential, concierge support experience for eligible members to alleviate the challenges that often inhibit an individual, couple or family from seeking critical mental health support services. Encompas strives to bridge existing gaps in mental health support services, and support members in overcoming obstacles to access, which includes (but is not limited to):

  • Concierge Care Management and Crisis Support Services available 24/7/365;
  • Collaboratively creating a mental health plan of care with Encompas clients, that is tailored for their specific needs;
  • Ensuring navigation to counselling services, assessment services, residential treatment programs, outpatient programs, etc., with no waitlists;
  • Ensuring clear information about service payment arrangements (e.g., through extended health benefits, etc.);
  • Ongoing follow-up / regular communication with a designated Care Manager, to ensure satisfaction with services, as well as ongoing adjustments to the plan of care; and,
  • Fully confidential, with no information being shared with the Association or employer.

Encompas is a program for the members; feedback is critical to the ongoing evolution of the program, to ensure it remains accountable, relevant, attuned and customized to the membership and their specific, unique needs.

Ontario Provincial Police Association and Commissioned Officer Association members who are in direct receipt of benefits through Canada Life are eligible for the Encompas program. This can include uniform, civilian, and retired members. Eligible members can access the full, concierge Care Management and support services offered through Encompas.

In addition, there are mental health support services for family members of eligible members, who are covered as dependents through the extended health benefits plan. A designated Family Support Service Coordinator at Dalton Associates, available during business hours, can provide navigation for eligible services. Family members can also access Encompas’ Crisis Support Services 24/7/365.

The Encompas program has partnered with ONCall Health which is a virtual care platform compliant with Ontario’s Privacy Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and offers secure telephone and online video conferencing.

No. While Encompas will accept referrals from physicians, clinicians, or family members of eligible members, a referral is not required in order to access the program.

You can connect with a Care Manager 24/7/365 at 1-866-794-9117, send a web-inquiry through the website at, or an email to During an initial call, the Care Manager will review your eligibility, the process, and gather information to determine what mental health support services may be available and appropriate for you based on your needs.

While Encompas does not manage WSIB or LTIP claims, Encompas Care Managers can navigate mental health support services for members who have applied to, or are currently in receipt of, WSIB or LTIP. These services include:

  • Connect clients with mental health support (e.g., counselling) while clients await a coverage decision by WSIB or LTIP, with WSIB or LTIP approved clinicians for continuity of care when/if an approval is obtained;
  • Referral to a mental health provider (e.g., Dalton Associates) for assessment and treatment by a WISB or LTIP approved clinician*; and,   
  • Transfer to the OPPA for support initiating a claim with WSIB or LTIP, or support appealing an unfavourable WSIB or LTIP decision.

Depending on the client’s request of Encompas, some information about a client’s WSIB or LTIP claim may be requested (e.g., claim number, approval letter, etc.) at the time of intake or follow-up by an Encompas Care Manager.

Additionally, depending on the client’s treatment needs or requests of Encompas (e.g., residential or intensive outpatient program referral, etc.), and where the client is in the claim process with WSIB or LTIP, the Encompas Care Manager may request some clarification with the client’s current WSIB or LTIP mental health clinician, or WSIB or LTIP case manager. It is the goal of Encompas to ensure the best mental health treatment for clients, while ensuring our programming complements but does not interfere with the treatment plan or coverage by WSIB or LTIP.

* Encompas strives to find WSIB and LTIP approved providers who offer short wait-times to accessing assessment and treatment. Encompas will ensure clients of the program kept apprised of timelines for accessing these services.

Encompas is a comprehensive mental health wellness program, which means that eligible members can access a myriad of mental health supports and services – it is not limited to individual therapy. Our primary goal is to establish a tailored plan of care that best supports members and their unique circumstances.

Encompas Care Managers appreciate and understand that some individuals seeking support from the program may already be working with a therapist outside of Encompas with who they have a good rapport established, and are reaching out to Encompas for additional mental health support services (e.g., residential treatment programs, intensive outpatient treatment programs, assessment services, etc.). Care Managers may recommend including a treating therapist into the care planning processes, and will work with members to determine if this is appropriate for their unique circumstances.

Encompas has developed streamlined processes for our clients to attend residential and intensive outpatient treatment programs. See our Services page for more information on the programs that we have partnered with thus far. It is our goal to ensure Encompas clients do not experience barriers to attending programs that will support their mental health and wellness goals.

Before any referral is made for residential or intensive outpatient treatment programs, Encompas wants to ensure that the program we refer clients to are clinically a good match for the mental health challenges being experienced, the goals of the client, and the exclusion criteria for the preferred program. Therefore, prior to referral, a Treatment Screening Assessment is completed. Here is some information about the Treatment Screening Assessment:

  • Completed by the client’s current mental health practitioner (e.g., psychologist, social worker, etc.) or, if the client doesn’t have a mental health practitioner, then by a Dalton Associates psychologist;
  • Typically takes 1-2 hours to complete;
  • Can be conducted in-person, over the telephone, or via virtual clinic – depending on the client’s location, and who is conducting the Screening and their location; and,
  • Will make recommendations as to treatment programs that would be a good match for the client, and other treatment recommendations.

If a Treatment Screening Assessment does not recommend the client’s preferred program, the reasoning will be discussed with the client in detail, and alternate recommendations will be made.