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The Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program is a one-stop approach to mental healthcare that truly provides OPPA members with timely access to confidential, effective and safe mental health support and services that are customized just for them.

Every eligible OPPA member that reaches out to Encompas will be provided with support service navigation, advocacy, a tailored Plan of Care, and timely access to mental health services. These services may include culturally safe counselling, assessment, residential care, and information and resource support. And, all services – from the initial call to the last session of treatment – are confidential. In this way, Encompas is truly a one-of-a-kind mental health and wellness program.

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At the core of the program is the Care Management Team. OPPA members who reach out to the program for support will speak with a Care Manager, who comes from a regulated health profession, and will become their primary contact, their service navigator, their advocate, and someone who will regularly check-in with them. The Care Management Team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The Care Manager will also work with the member to create a custom Plan of Care, and then personally ensure that the client is connected with the support services that were planned, in a timely and barrier-free manner.
A members’ Plan of Care may include one (1) or a number of the following clinical services, dependant on the members’ challenges and mental wellness goals:

  • Access to 24/7/365 telephonic Crisis Services, with Support Workers who are specifically trained to support First Responders
  • Access to an online, fully PHIPA-compliant Encompas Members Portal for members to view their Plan of Care, and access exclusive information and resources
  • Access to the online, fully PHIPA-compliant Encompas Self-Assessment Platform, where they can participate in clinically-validated assessments and surveys aimed at tracking progress and effectiveness of the support services they access
  • Streamlined access to in-person, online, and telephonic specialized psychological or social work counselling services; delivered by clinicians with specific knowledge, skills and experience working with First Responders
  • Streamlined access to psychological and psychiatric assessment services
  • Streamlined access to specialized residential treatment programs for trauma, addictions, and mood disorders through a preferred provider network, with unlimited aftercare support services
  • Streamlined access to support services aimed at addressing other circumstances that impact an individual’s ability to achieve mental wellness (e.g., nutritional, financial, legal, etc. factors)
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The Encompas Team

All of the clinical and administrative professionals working on the Encompas team are passionate about, and committed to, supporting the mental health and wellness of First Responders, those who work within first responder organizations, retirees from the field, and their families. From the Leadership Teams at both the OPPA and Dalton Associates, the Clinical Advisory Team, the Program Managers and Coordinators, the Care Managers, and the mental health professionals – we are all working collaboratively to ensure that Encompas is accessible, safe and effective.

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