For more than 135 years, the Homewood Health Centre has been a cornerstone of Canadian mental health and addiction treatment. Located in Guelph, Ontario, the Homewood Health Centre is one of the largest mental health and addiction facilities in Canada. It is unique in Canadian healthcare serving as a specialized provincial and national resource.

All programs through Homewood deliver care through a multidisciplinary team. Each discipline—including psychology, nursing, social work, and other therapies—has a leader to monitor standards of practice and also ensure that their professional college standards are always met. Homewood follows rigorous processes that result in the highest standards in quality care.

While Homewood offers numerous residential programs, including programs for individuals struggling with addictions, mood disorders, eating disorders, and trauma, Homewood also has exclusive groups and programming for uniformed professionals. This environment provides a forum for discussing issues the participants might be reluctant to disclose in the presence of civilians.

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