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Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program

Wednesday, March 6th – 10:00am ET – 11:00am ET

Featuring Retired OPP Officer and President of the OPPVA, Robert Pilon – Rob Pilon’s 30+ Year Journey of Service, Support and Leadership

Hosted by Carl Dalton, CEO, Dalton Associates

Join us on Wednesday, March 6th, from 10:00am EST – 11:00am EST where Carl Dalton (CEO of Dalton Associates), will have a conversation with retired OPP Officer and President of the OPPVA, Robert Pilon. Robert will share the journey of his 30+ year career through his perspectives as:

  • A father of four, who faithfully served with the support and encouragement of his wife in numerous communities throughout Northern Ontario
  • A father of a police family – two of his four children followed him into policing and leadership – his daughter who recently retired as a Sergeant in the OPP North Bay Provincial Communications Centre and his son Mike is Chief Superintendent at Northeast Regional Headquarters; his other two children are educators.
  • An officer who experienced his own struggles which motivated him to become a leader and to provide the support he believes everyone is due in this profession – Rob’s final position was Superintendent at OPP Northeast Region HQ
  • A Retiree since 2003 and a grandfather

Rob is here to share his wisdom and passion regarding the importance of seeking help when needed. He wants everyone to know there is no shame in doing so even though this was not always the case. He believes no one should suffer alone particularly with so many resources now available. He is passionate about the power of connecting with others during difficult times and he is also here to encourage participation in the OPPVA as one of those vital supports. Rob has been a member of the OPP Veterans Association since 1999, a member of the Board since 2016 and since 2022 has served as President.



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