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Encompas Mental Health Wellness Program

Wednesday, September 27th – 10:00am ET – 11:00am ET

Featuring Retired Edmonton Police Officer Scott Jones – Teaching What I Need to Learn – Perspectives on Wellness from a First Responder

About the Speaker:

Scott was a police officer for 30 years and has worked in numerous areas including patrol, Crisis Negotiation, Homicide and Child Protection. He has recently transitioned into a Civilian role as a Wellness Navigator in the Employee and Organizational Wellness Branch at the Edmonton Police Service. He is married with two grown children. As a strategy for caring for his own wellbeing, Scott has practiced yoga for 10 years, throws in some deliberate cold exposure just for fun, and became a yoga teacher about 2 years ago with a focus on trauma-informed practice and mindful breath work. He and his wife own Twisted Oak Yoga and Wellness and Scott is the co-host with his brother Dan on the podcast: Just Us on Justice and Other Things.

About the Session:

Join us on Wednesday, September 27th, from 10:00am ET – 11:00am ET to have a conversation with retired Edmonton Police Officer, Scott Jones, as he takes us on a journey through his path to wellness. Scott will discuss the use of different techniques that have been helpful for him like yoga, breathing exercises, therapy, and meditation to keep his nervous system in check. Scott will also delve into the transformative impact of movement and mindfulness, not just on himself, but also for those who have faced their own battles with trauma.

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